Technology in the Classroom

I had a very interesting day at work.  Instead of being in my classroom, I joined my district Technology Committee (including my Superintendent) on a tour of a school that has fully integrated technology in all grades K-6.

The most amazing thing I saw today:  kindergarteners who had learned computer coding.  Our tour guide was a spunky, articulate 6th grader who was also impressed with the coding these little kids were doing.  He quickly explained that he has learned coding, but the school didn’t have all of this technology when he was in kindergarten!  🙂

It has really made me think about my beliefs about education in general and, specifically, how technology plays a role in those beliefs.  What I will do later this year when the iPads and MacBooks finally come into my classroom???  I what to make sure that I am integrating technology into my lessons effectively.

I certainly don’t have all of the answers yet… but I am very excited about all of the wonderful possibilities!


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